Intellectual property (IP) is a strategic asset class for companies and, as such, should have a comprehensive strategy for IP protection, monetization, defense, and management.

The IP lawyers at Kirton McConkie assist clients in turning core IP competencies and business goals into an overarching portfolio strategy and individual product strategies. The benefit to clients for developing and implementing an IP strategy is the ability to enhance their return on investment from innovation.

We work closely with clients to:

  • Evaluate existing assets.
  • Create acquisition plans for new assets.
  • Develop crisis management plans to lessen the costs associated with protection and defense of assets as well as identify potential IP nemeses.
  • Develop licensing and cross-licensing plans and other monetizing methods.
  • Coordinate negotiations, due diligence and agreement development or review.
  • Identify and respond to patent, trademark, or copyright claims asserted by others.

Just as important as strategy is establishing and implementing intellectual property management procedures to keep the strategy active and current based on the changing goals and needs of the company. Our IP lawyers work with clients to develop in-house procedures to manage and enhance their IP assets.

Being involved with a client's strategic planning means our attorneys can move into quick action when litigation, arbitration, or mediation over infringement issues is necessary.

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