Kirton McConkie helps clients launch and expand their businesses throughout the world. In entering new markets abroad or expanding foreign operations, we assist our clients in establishing foreign subsidiaries and acquiring investments while avoiding corruption and controlling taxation. Our approach takes into consideration how to secure your information, protect your assets, and repatriate profits over the long term under foreign and international law, including investment treaties. Examples include:

  • Real Estate and Construction: We help clients navigate real estate acquisitions and construction projects worldwide, from Madrid to Manila and from Santiago to Sydney. We are involved in hundreds of transactions each year, serving clients in such projects as acquiring beach houses in Mexico and constructing buildings in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
  • Foods and Livestock: We serve clients in establishing and developing farms and ranches to produce foods and livestock across the globe. We have helped clients with a variety of agricultural projects, including macadamia nut, olive tree, cattle, and grain operations in Australia, Mexico, and countries in Africa, Europe, and South America.  
  • Natural Resources: We assist clients though the myriad legal aspects of developing natural resources abroad and have served clients with unique projects, such as exploring oil shale and extracting oil in Africa and Europe and pursuing gold mining operations in South America. 
  • Non-Profit Organizations: We have unparalleled experience in establishing non-profit organizations and other legal entities throughout the world. We have assisted our clients in establishing appropriate legal entities to conduct humanitarian, religious, and charitable activities. From Ecuador to India, we have helped our clients develop micro-finance programs, waste management cooperatives, and other social business enterprises. 

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