Photo of 3 of the Top Legal Services We Offer in Our St. George Law Office

3 of the Top Legal Services We Offer in Our St. George Law Office


Did you know that Kirton McConkie has several locations throughout the state, one of which is in St. George? This office, located in southern Utah, has several capable attorneys who can give you the highest level of legal support while offering local and accessible expertise. Whether you need individual or business counsel, we can help you navigate any legal challenges that come your way. Our St. George lawyers are experts in several areas of law, several of which we will introduce in this article. 

Popular Legal Services We Offer in St. George

No matter the type of legal services you or your company need, our St. George attorneys remain committed to providing high-quality value at a price that fits your budget. We quickly respond to requests, and we understand the importance of providing fair and trustworthy representation. Our goal is to transform your case's complexities into solution-driven, actionable information. Let's learn about three of the most popular legal services we offer in our St. George office. 

Family Law

At Kirton McConkie, we offer a wide range of family law services for individuals and families in St. George. Our family law services cover various specialties, including divorce, adoption, elder law, and immigration assistance. 

  • Divorce

Going through a divorce can be trying for anyone. Our St. George family law attorneys are here to help you through the process. Technically, divorce is a legal termination of a marriage, which is handled by family law attorneys like those at Kirton McConkie. Each spouse retains an attorney to resolve issues, such as child custody and division of property. Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable attorney is critical, but it's also essential to hire an attorney you feel comfortable with. At Kirton McConkie, our attorneys have years of family law experience, can understand your situation, and are sympathetic to the intense, emotional process of divorce. 

  • Adoption

Our attorneys provide adoption services and assistance with everything from routine adoptions to complex contested adoptions. We've got years of experience and hundreds of adoptions under our belts. Currently, Utah law doesn't allow attorneys to provide matching services, but our attorneys represent and advise adoptive families, adoption agencies, and birth parents. Our adoption law practice area covers many other circumstances, including: 

    • Birth parent representation and relinquishment
    • Adoption agency representation, licensing, and general counsel
    • Contested adoptions
    • Interstate adoptions
    • International adoptions
    • Independent direct placement
    • Indian Child Welfare Act adoptions
    • Stepparent adoptions
    • Grandparent and other relative adoptions 
    • Special needs adoptions
    • Foster care adoptions
    • Disrupted adoptions 
    • Adult adoptions
    • Surrogacy births
    • Coordination with adoption parties
    • Structure of placements based on state laws
  • Elder Law

We understand that different life stages bring complex family challenges, and our elder law attorneys are here to help. If you or a loved one is faced with long-term care, estate planning, will, and guardianship challenges, we are here to accomplish and resolve any immediate needs. We understand the delicate balance of respect that elder law requires, and we proactively work to address any issues. We offer the following elder law services: 

    • Estate documents preparation (trusts, wills, power of attorney, and advance healthcare directives)
    • Assistance with seeking guardianships and conservatorships
    • Will contests, probate disputes, and trust litigation
    • Special needs planning
    • Long-term care and Medicaid planning

Real Estate Law

The team of real estate attorneys at Kirton McConkie is one of the largest and most experienced in Utah. Over the years, we have amassed a depth of experience involving each facet of real estate law, such as acquisition, disposition, and development. Whether you’re a large property developer needing ongoing representation or a homeowner looking for guidance, we offer our real estate services to all. 

Throughout the years, Kirton McConkie real estate lawyers have played a role in developing some of the biggest projects throughout the state, including City Creek Center — the largest retail, office, and residential development in Utah. As part of the larger network of Kirton McConkie attorneys across the state, our real estate attorneys in St. George have significant experience counseling clients in many projects, including purchase, entitlement, construction of mixed-use developments, retail and shopping mall developments, office buildings, residential communities, apartments and condominium complexes, industrial projects, timeshare properties, ranching, and agricultural properties. We also offer mediation, arbitration, trial, and appellate court representation.

No matter your reason for hiring our St. George lawyers, you can count on us for competent and trustworthy representation. Our areas of expertise include:

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law

In today’s digital landscape, you need a data privacy attorney with a clear understanding of ever-changing legal standards in cybersecurity and data privacy. With countries enacting sweeping data privacy regulations and high corporate penalties for non-compliance, cybersecurity and data privacy management are more critical than ever. 

The technological advancements that make it easy for companies to collect, transfer, and monetize data are at the root of many cybersecurity and data privacy issues. If a company finds itself in the middle of a data breach, it could face negative headlines, lost market share, and expensive costs to manage and repair the data breach. 

Trust the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Attorneys at Kirton McConkie

Our law firm has domestic and international expertise to evaluate your corporate risk and customize a solution that integrates your corporate structure and operating systems. Using our extensive experience, we devise an efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined legal compliance framework tailored to your company’s needs that is easy for your staff to administer. 

Experience is a vital requirement when you hire cybersecurity and data privacy attorneys. At Kirton McConkie, we have extensive experience in both domestic and foreign data security and privacy-related legislation and regulation. We are well-versed in HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, state and federal breach notification laws, and more. Drawing on our extensive experience serving multinational companies, our team of attorneys focuses on providing data security, privacy, and information management needs, including the following: 

  • Cybersecurity and data privacy risk assessment
  • Privacy policies
  • Data privacy compliance frameworks
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Compliant employee and third-party contracts 
  • Data breach readiness and response
  • Global data privacy compliance strategies 
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation readiness through our rapid compliance methodology 

Kirton McConkie Has the St. George Lawyers You Can Trust

As Utah's premier full-service law firm, Kirton McConkie can successfully represent you and provide solid legal advice when you need it. Our St. George attorneys make up just one part of our regional, award-winning team. Here, you’ll find attorneys who are committed to providing trustworthy legal counsel, assisting with practical negotiations, helping you optimize your business's growth, and much more. 

Kirton McConkie operates with a cost-conscious attitude and is proud to provide excellent customer service. Our many years of experience and wide variety of associates give us a competitive edge to keep up with the changing dynamics of the current marketplace and your specific needs. If you’re searching for a St. George law firm, consider Kirton McConkie’s St. George office. Call us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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