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Common Questions About Entertainment Law


Entertainment Lawyers in St. George

Experience matters when people in the entertainment industry want to protect their creative and intellectual property (IP). Navigating and understanding the nuances of the entertainment industry can be tricky, which is why many turn to an attorney for guidance. As Utah’s premier law firm, Kirton McConkie offers legal advice for those in the entertainment industry in the St. George area. Whether you’re looking for advice on an individual matter or are hoping for an ongoing partnership, our attorneys guide you through the process of contracts, protecting IP, and much more. Getting help from an experienced entertainment lawyer is vital as you navigate industry challenges. Our law firm in St. George has attorneys involved in many organizations, including the Utah State Bar’s IP section, the International Trademark Association, the Licensing Executives Society, and the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys. When searching for entertainment lawyers near you in St. George or Las Vegas, trust the knowledgeable and expert team at Kirton McConkie. 

What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

Entertainment attorneys are essential professionals for anyone in the entertainment industry, including producers, directors, musicians, and anyone who creates IP for a living. Those who work in the entertainment industry can often experience legal issues in nearly every stage of the creative process. Entertainment industry workers often negotiate deals and resolve disputes, and they need representation to ensure they are covered. 

Many entertainment attorneys cover legal issues such as licensing, trade secrets, copyright issues, defamation, employee/contractor IP agreements, IP strategic counsel, trade secrets, business structures, and more. Unlike other law practice areas where attorneys only work with one group, an entertainment lawyer can represent both companies and artists in various entertainment industries. These highly specialized attorneys focus on entertainment issues but can also intersect with many different legal practice areas. 

Entertainment Lawyers Are Contract Experts

One of the most common reasons an entertainer hires a lawyer is to draft, review, and negotiate contracts. Since contract negotiations play a significant role in the entertainment industry, they are often the foundation of professional relationships for actors, artists, musicians, and more. These legal agreements outline expectations from both parties, the duration of the agreement, and compensation details. Should the other party breach their part of the contract, an entertainment lawyer can settle the dispute for you. Each situation is different, and contracts are unique, which is why finding the right entertainment lawyer matters and choosing one that represents your best interests through every stage of the process is vital. 

Entertainment Lawyers Protect Intellectual Property 

IP laws protect and enforce the rights of creators and owners of inventions. For example, a musician’s, designer’s, inventor’s, writer’s, or other artist’s creation counts as IP. IP is protected by law, allowing people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they create. For those in the entertainment industry, their IP is one of their primary assets. 

Seasoned attorneys, like the team at Kirton McConkie, have experience in various backgrounds needed to help protect your IP. The best attorneys are highly involved in organizations that give them the leading edge over other attorneys.

How can an attorney protect your IP? Here are just a few different ways:

  • Copyright and trademarks – An attorney can help you understand copyright law and how it pertains to your situation. They can also help register copyrights, draft contracts that protect your rights, and take legal action on your behalf if someone infringes on your work.
  • Safeguard a musician’s songs – Legal guidance from an attorney can safeguard a musician’s songs, ensuring the safety of master and fair royalties. Attorneys assist musicians in negotiating contracts, music licensing and clearance, litigation, and more. 
  • Screenwriter scripts – If your script was stolen, a studio hasn’t paid you for your work, or if you need a contract reviewed, an attorney can help and protect your IP. An attorney can also help you negotiate in the selling process of scripts. 
  • Copyright infringement – If you own a copyright, you have exclusive rights to reproduce the work, distribute copies, and perform and display the work. No matter your reason for having a copyright, a lawyer offers advice and counseling on all your legal needs. 

Entertainment Lawyers are Legal Advisers

Only some know the ins and outs of entertainment law. When you hire an entertainment attorney, they become your legal adviser. The entertainment industry is labor-intensive, so contracts and agreements need to be recognized and negotiated to abide by specific regulations, including:

Labor laws – Specific laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act, dictate labor laws within the industry. An attorney will ensure that your contract abides by all applicable labor laws.

Guild regulations – Before someone in the entertainment industry signs any agreement, it should be reviewed by an attorney. Attorneys can offer guidance relating to union and guild agreements, ensuring protection. 

Legal issues during production or project development – Legal issues during the production or project development process are common. Should any issues arise, an attorney can help protect you. 

Entertainment Lawyers Have Connections

One of the most overlooked attributes of many entertainment lawyers is their industry connections. Experienced attorneys know how to leverage their network with talent agents or production companies, helping you to get the best contracts and roles. They often work with talent agents to get the best possible contracts for their clients. In other words, these types of lawyers can facilitate interactions that get your creative work into the hands of the people with the resources to bring it to a wider audience. With a wide network of experienced attorneys, Kirton McConkie has the knowledge, experience, and support you need to protect your work.

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