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Utah Data Protection in the Financial Sector

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In Utah, collection and disclosure of personal information in the financial sector, including financial information, is governed by a few key privacy and insurance regulations. The Protection of Person-al Information Act, §13-44-101 et seq. of the Utah Code ('PPIA') requires any person who conducts business in the state to maintain certain policies respecting the protection of personal information. However, many of these regulations provide exceptions for nancial institutions. The Utah Administrative Code, Rule R590-206, details how licensed insurers in Utah must treat the non-public per-sonal nancial information of consumers. Additionally, the Financial Information Privacy Act, Utah Code § 7-1-1001 et seq. ('FIPA') and the Electronic Information or Data Privacy Act, Utah Code § 77-23c-102 et seq. ('EIDPA') limit and restrict both government's requests for personal information of customers from businesses and law enforcement's access to electronic records stored by businesses.

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