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The Name's Bond. Muni Bond. I've Come for Dr. No Broadband.

As an increasing number of communities begin seriously exploring options for a community broadband network, it seems municipal bonds are once again being considered as a serious funding option. This year's survey of economic development pros reveals that just over half feel their communities could successfully launch a bond measure, or that their chances for success are 50/50.

Three factors lead to the success of issuing muni bonds to fund community broadband networks: the political will successful navigation of the legal processes assembling the right financial resources David Shaw, Government & Utilities industry attorney with the Kirton McConkie law firm, and Laura Lewis, Principal at municipal financial advisory firm Lewis, Young, Robertson & Burningham, Inc., walks listeners through these three criteria in layperson's language to help stakeholders navigate these tricky waters. Both have experience working with bond efforts for cities across the U.S. Helping Iowa and Colorado communities better assess all of their funding options for network projects, including a bond strategy, is a main component of the special 5-week broadband strategy Webinar series led by Gigabit Nation host Craig Settles.

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